Thursday, June 02, 2005

More stuff...

So some other things came to mind that are asked pretty frequently. Things will appear here as I have the time to think of them.

1. You cant upgrade to x64. If you need to have a dual boot installation with your current install, make sure that you have a separate drive or partition for the OS to go on, otherwise you're in for a very bad situation. As always, make sure you back up your data prior to doing so.
2. If you cant upgrade, you cant uninstall either. This means that when you are done using x64, if you dont like it, you must format the drive or partition its on and remove the boot.ini entries for it.
3. You can upgrade from prior beta editions, but Microsoft doesnt support this. You do this, you're on your own.
4. Your OEM is your main point of support. Whomever you purchase your software from, they hold the responsibilty for supporting you. This is why its a good idea to by pre-installed x64 editions, so you have a support outlet. It also takes care of the driver issues mentioned earlier as most OEM shipped versions have drivers for the devices onboard.

Other links: (PlanetAMD64, excellent resource for drivers) (64bitstuff is another great external site for drivers and information)


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